Austin is always moving!

There is, literally, not a night that goes by that without something entertaining to do. With a seemingly endless supply of venues for music, comedy, poetry and art you can find something to do every day.

Austin is full of events throughout the month too.

The South Congress community throws a fun block party on the first Thursday of each month. This gathering is a perfect time to get the family out and enjoy all the great restaurant and stores in SoCo. Most stores along the strip usually extend their hours until 10:00pm to let the festivities go on longer.

You can also find the SFC Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings over at 4th and Guadalupe between the hours of 9:00am and 1:00pm. They also peddle their wares over at the Triangle (46th and Lamar) on Wednesdays between 3:00pm and 7:00pm. These markets are great for spending time outside gathering freshly picked produce.

Festivals that happen throughout the year in Austin.

Whether you’re looking to take in the 10 day festival of movies, interactivities, music and more at South by Southwest, or you would prefer to stuff your face with food from over 40 vendors at the Gypsy Picnic for food trailers there is plenty going on in the city. Austin hosts other great music gatherings like Austin City Limits which is a 3 day, multiple stages Mecca for music in Zilker Park. There is also the up and coming FunFunFunFest that has been gaining steam over the past few years, while still maintaining its identity of getting bands with less notoriety out in the spotlight.

Austin is host to many sports leagues for those who are looking for gaming from the competitive to super social side of things. With leagues for sports of all kinds including basketball, softball, kickball and more you’ll certainly find it easy to find ways to play in a casual to serious matter depending on your style. A notable purveyor of these events is the Austin Sports and Social Club that hold official team registrations. They schedule games against other teams and keep a loose feeling on standings for those just looking to play and socialize.

With over 50 golf course and driving ranges, the Austin area also has great ways to spend its usually beautiful weather outside. Austin sports country clubs all throughout the city that allow personal access to their individual courses, and it’s easy to find a tournament going on any given week during Austin’s peak months.

And then there are the lakes. If you’re the type that likes to lie about in the sun out on the water, then boy does Austin have the right scene for you. Being that Austin has lakes you won’t have to brave treacherous seafaring conditions, just shove off shore and ride on through the winding paths of Lake Travis. It’s no secret that Austin knows ways to get people to gather, and having a boat gains you access to parties like AquaPalooza.

If hiking, biking, running, etc. on trails is your M.O. then you’re in luck. Austin is full of trails that are perfect for even the least technical outdoors person. Trails, like the one that loops around Lady Bird Lake are commonplace through the city, and asking a local about their preferred paths is certain to help you find one that you feel fits your palette. Austin has many great parks and recreational sites, and one of the largest is the Emma Long Park. With over 70 developed acres on 1150 acres of land you’re sure to find a view to your liking. The park itself has a few trails, with the main consisting of a loop that runs just over a mile long. Trails in this area wind through a forest and up and down hills and along creeks with plenty of spots ideal for resting and taking in nature’s splendor.

For those interested in the history of the city you can find many great museums with information about all parts of Austin. A trip to the state capitol should not be overlooked either, as their tour guides are knowledgeable and you get to walk around the building that embodies the very heart of a Texan.

The best way to find out about the city is to immerse yourself, and to stay open to suggestions given to you by friends, locals or city literature. So take a minute to think about what you want to do, and find a way to get there. In Austin, it’s much easier for you to find something to appease you than you would think.

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