Austin is one of the nation’s brightest spots when it comes to employment rate. The city is constantly located either near or at the top of lists having to do with job levels in America. With a population that reached 800,000 over the final months of 2011 it certainly is amazing that they city sports over 786,000 non-farm jobs.

Boasting an unemployment rate of only 6.6 percent is a remarkable feat for any city, especially considering that the state’s rate is 8.1 percent and the nation’s sits almost 2 full percentage points higher at 8.5 percent. Austin has recently reached its highest employment numbers, and was one of five other cities in the country that reached a new 10-year peak.

Austin also keeps things green, as it was rated as one of the best cities at generating green jobs by the Brookings Institution.
According to the On Numbers that the American City Business Journals put out in June, 2011 Austin is the leading city for starting a new career. This was the first big push made by major cities in the southwest as Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma were also named to the list as well. The region is beginning to attract young professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit as the city is becoming a leading market in the technology world.

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