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More About Kevin Bown
Kevin Bown got his start in Austin real estate in 1998 with JB Goodwin Realtors. An Austin Native, Kevin has embraced the real estate career path as one which allows a close relationship with the City and the way that it grows. In 1999, Kevin shifted company association to Goodwin Partners, Inc. where he learned the ins and outs of commercial leasing and continued his residential sales career. His successes were greeted by opportunity in 2003, when he partnered with Guy Goodwin in the Goodwin Partners Residential company, and stepped into the role of managing the brokerage. In 2011, after managing as many as 25 licensees for over 7 years, Kevin jointly formed Twelve Rivers Realty with Paul Smith. As a 7 year Co-host of “The Real Estate Zone” radio show (Now on Saturdays on KLBJ 590 AM ), Kevin looks forward to continuing his life-long love affair with the City from a new home base in downtown Austin.

What People Are Saying…

Four investment properties in one year with Kevin. My wife and I had the good fortune to start working with Kevin in early 2010 and we could not be happier. Within our first year, Kevin has helped us find and close on four highly cash flow positive properties all of which were below market price with significant appreciation potential. In addition, he helped us find a trustworthy contractor to improve our investments and found credit worthy tenants for our properties. Kevin is great at proactively finding opportunities which fit our investing goals, including showing us two of our properties before they were even on the market. Most importantly, he is not just about closing deals, but building a long term relationship. In addition to the properties that he’s helped us close, he has the intengrity to advise us to walk away when the circumstances or price isn’t right. We look forward to continuing to work with Kevin on building our investment portfolio.
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Kevin Bown Is The Only Realtor I Will Use. Kevin helped me purchase my first home, baby-stepping me through all the process and patiently explaining the details. His hard work helped us move in and close quickly, and made sure the entire experience was painless. In fact, it was pretty exciting and fun! We also managed to get a great deal and didn’t ever have a second of buyer’s remorse. I don’t know anyone who had such an easy homebuying experience as I did, and I owe that all to Kevin Bown. Kevin’s professionalism and his friendliness are some of his best qualities, and he is so well-respected by the business community he works with. He even gives his time on the radio show “Real Estate Zone” (on News Radio 590 KLBJ every Sunday from 11 to Noon and simulcast at 99.7 FM) every week to help Austinites with realty questions! If we ever sell, we’ll be calling him to guide us. I have and will continue to tell anyone interested in buying or selling a home to use Kevin as their realtor!
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Kevin was my agent on the Buying side and the Listing and selling side of a house I flipped. He did a great job finding me a property that hadn’t been listed yet on the open market. I got a great deal on the purchase, renovated the property, and re-listed the house with Kevin. It sold in one day and within 1% of the list price. I ended up making over 10% profit, and Kevin was an important part of the team as far as achieving that result. I recommend him for buying or selling.Incredible Agents Site