Shannon R. Gilmore, Austin Realtor®

More About Shannon R. Gilmore

Shannon Gilmore is your trusted partner.

Whether you are by her side at an architect’s meeting making decisions during a home purchase, or by her side in a 2’s sand volleyball game, Shannon makes teamwork come together. Growing up in Texas, and with early experience in commercial brokerage in Dallas, Shannon’s talents pulled her into the role of Project Manager. A position that requires the coordination of many pieces, and ultimately the assembly of a complex puzzle, project management taught her many things. One, that she was good at taking processes from inception to completion, and two – that completion of complex processes would bring her joy.

As a person who thrives at the center of complex projects, Shannon was noticed, and then ultimately wooed to move her here to Austin with the task of opening of a new office of 15 people. It’s here, managing people that she learned more about responsibility, specifically for the livelihoods of those she supported.

Developing personal relationships is important to Shannon. After more than a decade in commercial real estate, Shannon realized that the personal relationships were the most rewarding processes. Changing her focus to the residential side of the business as a Realtor, Shannon can now directly work with new people every day. Understanding and identifying her client’s needs and then being with them to the successful completion of the task make her a passionate and dedicated Realtor from start to finish. If you are looking for someone proud to know the market trends and who understands the growth of Austin, a hard worker who appreciates the diversity in our city – Shannon is your partner..

What People Are Saying…

I simply wanted to thank you for taking the time to show my wife and I some of what Austin has to offer in terms of living arrangements. You took the stress off of finding a place on our own, especially needing to find something in a small time window. Your prompt communication was greatly appreciated, and it shows that you are intentional with your work. My wife was a bit reluctant at first to get a realtor, but after our experience with you, it showed how stress free it can be! Thank you again, Shannon. I hope and look forward to working with you again in the futureMatt & Allison
I recently stumbled upon Shannon Gilmore while searching for a home to on Trulia. She called me about an hour after my viewing request and asked me some detailed questions about what I was looking for. My move-out date was a few months later and she took note to reach back out when the timeline to begin looking was imminent. We ended up meeting for coffee later that week and she already had an extensive list of houses that met my criteria. After a few days of viewing, we found our perfect house! We had submitted the deposit, obtained the lease, and thought we were on our way to moving in. Unfortunately, outside of our control, the house was pulled off the market. Shannon never missed a beat on keeping me informed and protecting us from unprofessional behavior.

With our move out date drawing closer, she was able to find another home in this small time frame that I ABSOLUTLEY love! We had just moved in and she came over to visit and see how we were settling in. Not only did we find an outstanding realtor in Shannon, but also a friend. She truly cares about her clients, their needs, and will stop at nothing to ensure their happiness. Thank you, Shannon, for sticking by our side. WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!Jordan LeCroy

Thank you so much for getting know our wants & needs when it came to what we wanted to find in a home! I never had any doubt with you as our realtor that we wouldn’t find a place that we love. You were such a bright light in what could have been a very hectic situation. Your commitment to our whole process left us feeling stress and worry free. Thanks again, for all your time and dedication. I can tell you really love what you do!Bri Brown
I’m so happy we found Shannon. When my boyfriend and I arrived in Austin we hit the ground running looking at new places to call home. We were coming from San Francisco and were so excited to come to a city with reasonable prices and when we looked online before moving there seemed to be countless amazing places to choose from. Needless to say, we weren’t worried and we were wrong not to be. We looked on our own for three days straight with none of them being the right fit. Fortunately, we came across the Twelve Rivers Realty sign and browsed some of their homes. We met Shannon the next morning and the rest was history. She was friendly and easy to talk to from the get go, I felt like we had known her forever and we were just house shopping with a friend. Now that we found her we didn’t want to get the first house we saw, so we scheduled more viewings the next day. She took us around town for a few hours looking at places and she made us really think of the things we wanted in a place, she took notes, and she would ask us pertinent questions during viewings that led us to our final decision. It seemed like she truly cared where we ended up and not just about closing a deal. Shannon is a super knowledgeable, fun agent who will jump through many hoops (or climb fences) in order to make her clients happy. We will recommend her to everyone!Shaina R.
Working with Shannon was nothing short of amazing. As new Austin residents, Shannon did an great job of not only touring listings with us but giving us a crash course on Austin itself. This helped us quickly narrow our search and close on a home in no time. Shannon was incredibly accommodating to our last minute requests as we looked to quickly move out of our temporary residence and into our new Austin home. She did an amazing job helping us ask the right questions to figure out what we truly wanted in our move – always putting our needs and wants over the close. We are incredibly happy with where we landed and are definitely going to work with Shannon once we start to look for our forever home.Collin M.